Dance Centre Policies

1. Our Classes are in session September thru June. Our Annual Recital will be held in June 24, 2017 and Our        Mandatory Dress Rehearsal will be held in June 23, 2017.

2. Trial Classes are $25 per class.

3. For your convenience your tuition can be paid in full or can be paid using either of our 2 Payments Plans. First  Payment and Last Payment are due at registration. Payments are due in full even if the student is absent or if the  class is canceled by the studio. Classes canceled by the studio for any reason, will be rescheduled after the 4th    cancellation. Payments received after the 15th of the month will be charged a $15.00 late fee.

4. Registration and Recital forms must be signed and returned with tuition in full or first and last payments.

 These payments are non-refundable.

5. Recital costumes range between $75-$150. A $30 deposit for each costume is required at Registration.  Costumes cannot be canceled once they have been ordered and All Costume Balances are due in January. I also  understand and agree that if my child withdraws from the studio and/ or from the recital for any reason, I am still  responsible for the full payment of each costume ordered for my child. Recital costumes must be picked up before  August 31st after August s 31st costumes will be discarded.

6. Tuition and costume deposit payments are non-refundable.

7. Students can make up classes within 4 weeks of their missed class. Please make arrangements with the front  desk for your child's makeup class. Refunds and/or tuition adjustments will not be given for missed classes.

8. Checks returned 'uncollectible' for any reason from our bank will be charged a $30 return fee.

9. If tuition payments are more than 60 days past due, students will not be allowed in class until tuition is paid in  full.

10. Students are expected to arrive on time and be properly dressed for class. Any student who arrives more than  15 minutes late may not be allowed to participate.

11. Students should not be dropped off earlier than 15 minutes prior to class. Parents are also expected to pick  their children up on time. Please call the studio if you are going to be late. If special arrangements have been  made for your child to be picked up, please contact the studio. We will not release a student to someone we are  not familiar with.

12. If you're not able to attend class please contact the studio at least 1 hour before your class time.

13. Classes marked in BLUE are audition only and/or special requirement classes.

Dance Centre Dress Code

Proper Dance Attire Must be Worn in Every Class:

• Dance Tights must be worn at all times

• Leotards are required for all Preschool 'through Advanced girls

• Inter & Adv Jazz & Tap Students may wear a Sleeveless Form-fitting Supportive Athletic Top

• Ballet Students may wear a Ballet Skirt or Ballet Shorts

• Jazz & Tap Students may wear Dance Shorts or Dance Pants

• Ballet Sweaters & wraps are permitted during colder weather for most classes

• Sweats and Warm-ups may be worn for the beginning' of some classes during colder weather

• Jeans are NOT permitted in any class

• Jewelry is NOT permitted in any class

• Street Shoes are NOT permitted in any class and/ or on any of any dance floors

Proper Dance Shoes Must be Worn in Every Class:

• Preschool & Kinder: Capezio Pink Ballet Slippers & Capezio Black Patent Tap Shoes

• All Ballet classes: Capezio Pink Ballet Slippers

• Primary-Beg Jazz: Capezio black Split Sole Tie Jazz Shoes

• Primary-Beg Tap: Capezio Black Mary Jane Tap Shoes

• Inter-Adv Jazz: Capezio Black Split Sole Gore Boots

• Inter-Adv Tap: Capezio Black Oxford Tap Shoes

• All Hip Hop Classes: Capezio Black Dance Sneakers

• All Lyrical Gasses: Capezio Tan Split Sole Gore Boots


Please consult with Nyemchek s Dance Centre before purchasing dance shoes outside the studio.